How to post an ad

Want to sell food items on Great! Our food community marketplace is hungry for your treat! Let’s get you started.

Step 1: Log in to your seller account

Not a seller yet? Become a seller here.

Step 2: Add product

Click on Sell Item from the or go to your seller dashboard to add a product.

Step 3: Complete product information

Add product photo, name, price, short description, and full item description. Get creative and leave your customers hungry with your ad.

Product name

This item is mandatory, anyway this is how customers search for food. Keep it simple: cake, bread, etc–or go crazy: birthday cake, made-to-order bread, etc. 

Use this field to be discovered by customers. Not sure what to put? Keep this question in mind…. what would my customer search if they’re looking for my item for sale?


How much is your item selling for? Indicate the regular price on this field.


The food community marketplace curates food items for sale by categories to help with customers find what they’re craving for easier. Choose from the available categories for better search results.

Delivery coverage and preparation lead time

Let your customers know the availability of your product. Is your product prepared at limited quantities per week? Do you only deliver on weekends?

Product description

Share your product in full detail on this field. Important things to talk about are:

    • FAQ on ingredients
    • Flavor profile
    • Serving recommendations
    • Shelf-life or storage information

Seller tip: Share your store on social media so customers can visit your storefront conveniently. Having a product showcase makes it easier for customers to go through your items for sale.

Plus, customers can add your item to their bag and instantly see how much their orders are–no need to PM and wait for your reply to ask how much their order is. At, customers have full control of their cravings, and can order food items like they would normally do when online shopping! Get quality order requests hassle-free. Now, that’s a hot deal!

Hope this helps! The team is looking forward to your food items for sale. We review all ads posted on our food community marketplace to help give customers and sellers the best #LocalEatsph experience. If you encounter an issue when posting an ad, please let us know!



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